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Warranty Information

Carnley Construction, Inc.

Laguna Haven Construction, LLC
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Builder’s Home Warranty

The newly constructed homes at Laguna Haven development have a standard 1 year Builder’s Home Warranty. The warranty period is 1 year from the Date of Purchase. The Date of Purchase is considered the date that all title work and associated materials are signed and executed (Date of Closing).


At least a year’s worth of seasonal changes are often needed to put a new house to the test. The 1 year Builder’s Home Warranty covers all workmanship, structural, mechanical, and functional aspects of the home, as built by the Building Contractor. The Builder’s Home Warranty covers all labor and material required to make any necessary repairs to any structural, mechanical, or functional component that fails within the 1 year period.

Termite coverage. Builder warranty offers 1 year termite coverage. Pest Control is not included. 

Workmanship. Examples of workmanship: Roofing, Cabinets, Countertops, Sink, Door panels, Exterior siding, Flooring, Toilet, Tile, Drywalls, Interior trim, Carpet.

Systems: Examples of items typically covered under one year systems warranty: Waste piping, Supply piping, Electrical wiring, ductwork, heating, cooling, ventilating systems. 

Structural Defect Warranty. Structural Defect is defined as actual physical damage to the designated load-bearing elements of the Home caused by failure of such load-bearing elements which affects their load-bearing functions to the extent that Your Home becomes unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise unlivable. This is coverage for catastrophic failure of load-bearing elements of Your Home. The designated load-bearing elements that are covered under the Structural Defect warranty are: 

1. Footings and Foundation systems; 
2. Beams; 
3. Girders; 
4. Lintels; 
5. Masonry Arches; 
6. Columns; 
7. Load-bearing walls and partitions; 
8. Roof framing systems; and 
9. Floor systems. 

Exclusions. Warranty does NOT cover:

  1. Acts of God; 
  2. Normal wear and tear;      
  3. Appliances or other furnishings installed by the owner/tenant;
  4. Any damage resulting from owner/tenant activity or behavior, any damage owing to your own abuse, misuse, neglect, failure by you or your homeowners’ association to provide maintenance (such as cleaning the gutters, draining your water heater, touching up caulk or grout, or dealing with pests);
  5. Failure to maintain adequate ventilation and humidity levels in the home;
  6. Damage caused by outsiders (such as rioters, vandals, animals, or airplanes, etc.);
  7. Damage caused by people hired by the new owner to work on the property;
  8. Expenses an owner may incur as a consequence of a major construction defect or warranty repair, like the cost of having to move out of one’s home while repairs are being made.
  9. Deterioration of construction materials within expected levels, including warpage or shrinkage within industry standards, or changes due to weather conditions, natural disasters, or soil movement or settling.
  10. Any and all components covered under a manufacturer’s warranty i.e. household appliances (range, dishwasher, microwave), etc. 
  11. Guarantee of a certain size/ opening space for appliances. Please measure before purchase.
  12.  Aesthetic damage such as paint scratches or cabinet nicks. All punch list items must be completed and inspected prior to closing.
  13. Damage to land and other real property that was not part of Your Home, or any property that was not included in the purchase price;
  14. Damage to or Defects in swimming pools, tennis courts and other exterior recreational facilities; driveways; boundary walls, retaining walls and bulkheads (except where boundary walls, retaining walls and bulkheads are necessary for the structural stability of the Home); fences; landscaping (including sod, seeding, shrubs, trees, and plantings); sprinkler systems, patios, decks, and porches, outbuildings, detached carports, or any other appurtenant structure or attachment to the dwelling; or other additions or improvements not a part of Your Home; 
  15. Loss or damage which arises while Your Home is being used primarily for nonresidential purposes; 
  16. Changes in the level of underground water table which were not reasonably foreseeable at the time of construction of Your Home; 
  17. Any condition which has not resulted in actual physical damage to Your Home; 
  18. Any loss or damage that is caused or made worse by any of the following causes, whether acting alone or in sequence or concurrence with any other cause or causes whatsoever, including without limitation: 
A. Negligence, improper maintenance, defective material or work supplied by, or improper operation by, anyone other than Your Builder/Seller or its employees, agents or subcontractors, including failure to comply with the warranty requirements of manufacturers of appliances, equipment or fixtures; 
B. Your failure to give prompt and proper notice to  Builder/Seller of any Defect or Structural Defect; 
C. Change of the grading of the ground that does not comply with accepted grading practices, or failure to maintain the original grade; 
D. Riot or civil commotion, war, vandalism, hurricane, tornado or other windstorm, fire, explosion, blasting, smoke, water escape, tidal wave, flood, hail, snow, ice storm, lightning, falling trees or other objects, aircraft, vehicles, mudslide, landslide, avalanche, earthquake, volcanic eruption or sinkholes or geographical phenomena involving subsurface slope instability; 
D. Microorganisms, fungus, decay, wet rot, dry rot, soft rot, rotting of any kind, mold, mildew, vermin, termites, insects, rodents, birds, wild or domestic animals, plants, corrosion, rust, radon, radiation, formaldehyde, asbestos, any solid, liquid or gaseous pollutant, contaminant, toxin, irritant or carcinogenic substance, whether organic or inorganic, and electromagnetic field or emission, including any claim of health risk or uninhabitability based on any of the foregoing; 
E. Your failure to minimize or mitigate any defect, condition, loss or damage as soon as practicable;
  1. Any loss or damage caused by buried debris, underground springs, sinkholes, mineshafts or other anomalies which were not reasonably foreseeable in a building site;; 
  2. Loss caused, in whole or in part, by any peril or occurrence for which compensation is provided by state legislation or public funds; 
  3. Costs of shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage, or other incidental expenses related to relocation during repair, or any other costs due to loss of use, inconvenience, or annoyance; 
  4. Any and all consequential loss or damage, including without limitation, any damage to property not covered by this warranty, any damage to personal property, any damage to property which You do not own, any bodily injury or personal injury of any kind, including physical or mental pain and suffering and emotional distress, and any medical or hospital expenses, or lost profits; 
  5. Any Defect or Structural Defect first occurring after the applicable term of the Warranty expires;
  6. Plumbing: Should a plumbing issue arise that later is determined to be caused by the actions/ negligence of the new owner, the owner will be responsible for the billing. 


These exclusions are only examples, and not to be considered the only exclusions pertaining to the Builder’s Home Warranty. Any damage or repairs needed, will be evaluated by the Building Contractor to determine if it falls within the Scope of Coverage outlined in the Builder’s Home Warranty.

Bringing an outside contractor to complete repairs could result in benefits of the warranty to be canceled.

Your warranty does not apply to any manufactured item such as appliances, fixtures, equipment or any other item which is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, nor does it cover Defect in any systems that are caused by failure of any such manufactured item. Appliances and items of equipment not covered include but are not limited to; air conditioning units, attic fans, boilers, burglar alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, ceiling fans, central vacuum systems, chimes, dishwashers, dryers, electric meters, electronic air cleaners, exhaust fans, fire alarms, freezers, furnaces, garage door openers, garbage disposals, gas meters, gas or electric grills, heat exchangers, heat pumps, humidifiers, intercoms, outside lights or motion lights not attached to the Home, range hoods, ranges, refrigerators, sewage pumps, smoke detectors, solar panels, space heaters, sump pumps, thermostats, trash compactors, washers, water pumps, water softeners, water heaters, whirlpool baths, and whole-house fans. This warranty does not affect or limit in any way any manufacturer’s warranty. 

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